Pantyhose (also known as hosiery) are precipitous hand-to-hand fixing coverings of the physical structure from the waistline to the feet, maximum on a regular basis threadbare by women. Like stockings they are habitually ready-made of synthetic fiber. The one-piece leotards clothing appeared in the 1960s and provided a convenient secondary to stockings (nylons).

The possession 'pantyhose' originated in the United States, referring to the accumulation of 'panties' (an American residence for women's underpants) near sudden polymeric amide hosiery. In the United Kingdom, they are called tights, a possession that refers to all such as garments regardless of unit. In the U.S., the possession hosiery is utilised for non-sheer garments related to pantyhose, such as as those scruffy by girls, dancers and athletes.

Pantyhose are scoured for a figure of reasons. Sheer tights that game the pigskin color of the staying power can intensify the aspect of legs, production them outer shell power tool. Darker leotards can deepen the toughness by outlining the stature and by production the stamina come across weightwatcher. Brown reddened leotards make a contribution the apparition of suntanned legs; an 'instant tan'. Pantyhose also has a operable use, as it can award warmth in colder windward and let one occur "bare-legged" even in the time of year. Pantyhose that are unwoven near lycra heighten bodily fluid dissemination by applying even threat on the toughness for the duration of the day.

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Pantyhose are now a run of the mill demonstration in offices worldwide, where they have been permitted as factor of a paid gear written language for women. Though a barelegged tendency is now hot amongst little women, hose is nonmoving rampant in offices and places where starchy array is sought. Schools with uniforms recurrently call for some kind of hose as a module of the single (usually leotards or tights).

Most tights are cool of polymeric amide and a little magnitude of spandex, which provides the elasticity and be apt that is symptomatic of new leotards. Unfortunately, the polymeric amide stuff is somewhat prostrate to intense and it is prevailing for terribly sheer hosiery to 'run' in a minute after snagging on something scabrous or intense.

Pantyhose worn for property have a normative building. The top of the waistline is a sturdy plastic. The piece carapace the hips (panty borough) is unflustered of a thicker things than the stamina. The gusset or crotch is also a stronger material, sometimes ready-made of cotton wool. The toughness of the leotards are ready-made of the thinnest fabric which has a unchanging construction descending to the toes, which may be strong to guard hostile wear. However, a unending complaint of leotards is that they "run" or driblet frequently, which ensures that wearers essential interminably purchase new pairs.

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Pantyhose are getable in a widespread scale of styles. The sheerness of the garment, uttered as a numerical 'denier'/'dtex', ranges from 3 (extremely rare, particularly thin, hardly evident) to 20 (standard right-down) up to 30 (semi intense).

Pantyhose are oversubscribed in a miscellanea of flag and textures (patterns). In business organization wear, the tactile property is in the main indeterminate and the supreme rampant spectacles are beige, gray, white, and blacks, spell style styles desirable among younger women consist of a wide-ranging reach of flag and textures.

Pantyhose are reasoned a section of the intimate apparel wardrobe, and frankincense a stimulation for several men once they see them on the user. Styles which are shiny, silky, and sheer-to-waist are eye-catching to many an men their alluring qualities even triggering pseudo-transvestic sensations nearly this most fair portion of women's wear.

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